The Dodgers

In 2013, fresh from announcing new ownership, the Los Angeles Dodgers needed to communicate its promise to the fans that it was a truly new team.


The Challenge:

After years of fans feeling forgotten by their beloved Dodgers, the team needed to generate increased interest and loyalty towards the brand from existing fans and potential new baseball fans. However, the real challenge here, is that the Dodgers had an in-house agency. So we only created concepts then had "0" creative control over the final product. 

The Solution:

“A WHOLE NEW BLUE” debuted on the team’s website ( and on signage seen at the highly successful, first ever off-season FanFest at Dodger Stadium. It was incorporated in the team’s out-of-home ads, print ads, radio spots, television spots, social media, direct mail, game tickets, and souvenirs and throughout the new Dodger Stadium.


These are the spots I either conceived and wrote or supervised.


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